About us - Real Estate Agent on Pakhal Road In Nashik

SpaceLander look after the business of Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Consultants Real Estate Commisson Agent,Property, Property classified, Property Portals, Construction contractor, Civil contractor, Builders Land Developres all types of Govt - Contractor, Turnkey operations, Bulding Labour Suppliers, Building Material Supplier, Earth Movers, Farming Agricultural, Poultry Form, Dairy includes, huts, Room, Flats, duplex, Maisonettes, Dwelling Houses, Row Houses, Shops, Offices, Malls, Hotel, Staid, recreational complexes, parking lots, factories, mining properties, industrial Estate, Clubs, Pleasure Garden, Play Grounds, Disney land, Water Park, fair, Exhibition grounds, Urban and Rural immovable properties, Houses, Township, Roads, tramways etc. And also to have right or interests therein or connected therewith ,allied business,construct,re construct, contract-sub contract, lease Rent, sub lease Rent,improve, pull down, alter, furnish, maintain, prepare, decorate, consulting, build own operate transfer scheme, to represent, intermediate, acquisition, exchange, management, implementation, supervision , assign, to act as confirmatory party, for registering transfer, conveyance and also to have development agreement, transfer development right ,conducting techno economic studies, providing feasibility reports, includes comprehensive reality services, provided by international reality concerns, who are providing such services in india,services of engineers,surveyor's,architect, consulting engineers, building experts, advisors, decorators, designers,planners,vastushastra consultant, property lawyers, is also included in partnership firm, firm will act as a person or organization to market real estate on behalf of clients. with its Regd. Office at flat No.10, Al Saba apartment, kazi nagar, wadala Road, nashik-422011. Indiranagar. under the firm name style of M/s.SPACE LANDER provided always that the firm may carry on any other business or businesses at any other place or places under any other name or names as may be mutually agreed upon by the partners from time to time.

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